Here is the LINK to fill out the form that you are looking for roommate(s).   

Do you need a roommate to save money.  Some of you are singles and would like to find a roommate. They do not have a single stateroom, but a single can get a stateroom but will have to pay double cost for two people.  So, it is a great idea to have a roommate.  

You would save even more if you have more than 2 guests in your stateroom.  If you have three guests in the room, you divide it by 3 guests.  If you have four guests in the stateroom, you divide it by four people.  It is usually cheaper for third and fourth guest than the first and second.  So the price will usually be lowered if you have three or more guest in your stateroom.  

We will accept each guest of their credit / debit card or even a check. 

We respect guest's privacy.  We will not name them on this website.  You have to give me permission to use your name and phone number to give to another guests who needs roommate.  Then you both can talk to each other.  Both of you or more of you with third and fourth guest will have to work together and discuss it.  If one or more drops out, you will be responsible to pay for the stateroom for however how many are in there.  

We will not be liable for any problem that comes up with your roommate(s).  It is at your own risk and we will not be liable for any problems.  It will be between you and your roommates.  We will not be involved with any dispute you might have with your roommate.  So, choose your roommates wisely.

Here is the LINK to fill out the form that you are looking for roommate(s).